Feeling Free!

I have some good news! As with a lot of things in my life, my sewing machine drama ended like this: I trucked my machine in my car to work to take it into the shop after since we live 45 minutes out of "town". I get to the shop, lug it inside (the thing weighs probably about 20 lbs? I dunno, it is all metal), plug it in and... and... it purrs like a mother f$%^ing kitten. I turn to the employee and I was just dumb founded. It was literally screeching with this -metal-on-metal- sound that had me soooo worried I was destroying the insides. Our best guess is that, when I oiled it while trying to fix it myself, the oil had to take some time to work itself down into all the parts.

So I just look like an idiot in front of the employees. Oh well.

A second good thing is that I ended up giving the sew machine place some business of a different kind. I found on Craigs List an old (I am guessing 1940's or 50's????) White Rotary sewing machine 77 series and ended up buying it. T…

Not a Big Update... but an Update None the Less

I'm not sure how much I am going to be able to update in the near future. I am mere minutes away from taking my ailing sewing machine into the shop. I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with it. The thing is old, mostly metal and a work horse (when it is working). I don't really want a new one, because the ones I can afford -and by afford I mean save for a year or more... because I don't have money for a new sewing machine- is going to be plastic and crappy. So no new sewing stuff for a while.

I have, how ever, been working on cleaning up the first design I ever made. I have it down to 13 colors and I think it is just about ready to be submitted for testing. I love it. I hope some day to have thew quilting chops (and time) to attempt it. I have loved Harley since her debut in the old Batman cartoon. Now, I know her relationship with Joker is toxic and incredibly abusive. It is no way something you should aim for with a relationship. But I do connect with her total devot…

More Designs on Many Different Projects

I have yet to take my machine into the shop, but that means I have had more time to design. I thought I would show some off here. These are all still WIPs, but fun none the less.

I started to design the butterfly from Corpse Bride. It is actually a lot harder than I expect. It is hard to find a decent screen capture or merchandise reference image. Those that I did find seemed to differ from each other. The butterfly from the movie is actually really minutely detailed. I could not get all of that detail in with the quilt block, but I think I got the gist of it. I plan on adding the antennae with embroidery, and maybe some lavender/purple stitching around the white ovals.

I talked to my local tattoo artist and he agreed to sketch up some old school traditional tattoos for... get this... FREE! OMG! He is such a nice guy to do that. He basically said if it was for a tattoo or airbrushing (which he does) he would charge, but he likes to help other artists out. How freaking awesome. I will …

A Small Biggie

I have been giving my sewing machine a rest, so I don't have anything new and hot off the presses to show you in the real world. I am too worried that I could cause something seriously bad to happen to my machine and I am too broke to fix it. A local sewing machine shop has free estimates, so I plan on taking it in soon to have them look at it. I can only hope it isnt too bad or too expensive. Not having a functioning machine can really put a huge kink in the plans for a quilting blog.

Instead of actually sewing or learning how to quilt, I have been trying to refine and work on some of my designs. My Maggot and Black Widow Spider have been submitted for pattern testing at Fandom in Stitches. My Silence of the Lambs Death's Head Moth has been submitted and is currently being tested. I have no idea how long that kind of thing takes, but I am really looking forward to getting some feedback on my pattern and then I hope it can go up on the website for everyone to enjoy. If/when th…

Maggot is coming along

Next up on the Corpse Bride docket is Maggot. Since he is pretty vibrant when compared to the other character designs in the movie, he was actually pretty easy to do. I was going to follow his segmentation with my seaming, but I eventually decided against it. Maybe I will do some stitching to mimic the segments when I do this block to augment the look. I haven't done much sewing because (as stated before) my machine is acting up, so I am wary to touch it for fear it may explode.

I have been picking up Burton-eque fat quarters when I see them. I was surprised how many my local Meijer had, given they aren't exactly known for crafting supplies. Wish I had more to show you but my other big piece isn't quite ready to show off yet. Soon, I hope. I had to put a gif in here. I just love gifs... I don't get much of a chance to use them in my other blog.

Happy Mother's Day!

Yeah, I am a day off, but that's okay. I had a pretty good Mother's Day. That also meant that I haven't really gotten much time to quilt. In fact, I used Mother's Day to get two things done. My sewing machine is old and needed (I thought) some oiling to keep it from doing this horrible squeaking thing it has been want to do lately. It screeches so loudly that it has startled me and I jump while sewing. Not such a great thing to have happen. I got it serviced about 2 years ago because the wheel on the side (I know, I am so technical) had seized up. I got it back and it now worked, but it was really tough moving the needle up and down with the wheel, when before it was very smooth. I don't know what is wrong, but oiling it did not make this screeching go away and I don't want it to seize up again. Worst part is I cannot sew at night because of this noise. Well, that, and I am worried it will destroy my machine.

The other thing I did yesterday was... sew. I know,…

Progress, but not much

I thought I would give a little progress update. When I have had time, I have plunked away at getting my Burton quilt started. I have a bunch of reference images for the Corpse Bride portion and have cropped them accordingly. Something that can take a lot of time and is not all that fun to talk about. I want to try and take my own screen captures for Nightmare, possibly for Corpse Bride as well.

I am pretty close to being done with the character of the Black Widow Spider. I am not completely happy with it yet, but I am very close. It is down to 77 pieces and 8 colors. I can't put my finger on what is missing or off. Maybe I just need to do something else and come back to it. I am going to embroider the pupils, FYI.

Maybe because I have been working on much larger pieces with more pieces and colors, this seems flat? I dont know. Let me know what you think. I will post my other pieces when I have time. Let's just say "In space, no one can hear you scream".