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First Load of Laundry

I haven't posted in a while, but that doesn't mean I am not working! I wanted to give a quick preview of what I am coming up with for my "Dirty Laundry" quilt. First off, it will have it's own page, so the patterns will be easy to find. I want to give them all their own blog post (once they are tested etc), but that is in the future. I am really close to opening up the first six pattern for testing. I am super excited! I have been learning a lot about construction and how to try and make the patterns easier for people to put together. Unfortunately, right now, I cannot physically quilt them (life is happening and I have 0 free time outside of what I can sneak at work). Nothing all that naughty yet, but I am not done yet! Please let me know what you think! Is there any article of clothing that should be hanging out with my dirty laundry?

Feeling Free!

I have some good news! As with a lot of things in my life, my sewing machine drama ended like this: I trucked my machine in my car to work to take it into the shop after since we live 45 minutes out of "town". I get to the shop, lug it inside (the thing weighs probably about 20 lbs? I dunno, it is all metal), plug it in and... and... it purrs like a mother f$%^ing kitten. I turn to the employee and I was just dumb founded. It was literally screeching with this -metal-on-metal- sound that had me soooo worried I was destroying the insides. Our best guess is that, when I oiled it while trying to fix it myself, the oil had to take some time to work itself down into all the parts.

So I just look like an idiot in front of the employees. Oh well.

A second good thing is that I ended up giving the sew machine place some business of a different kind. I found on Craigs List an old (I am guessing 1940's or 50's????) White Rotary sewing machine 77 series and ended up buying it. T…

Not a Big Update... but an Update None the Less

I'm not sure how much I am going to be able to update in the near future. I am mere minutes away from taking my ailing sewing machine into the shop. I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with it. The thing is old, mostly metal and a work horse (when it is working). I don't really want a new one, because the ones I can afford -and by afford I mean save for a year or more... because I don't have money for a new sewing machine- is going to be plastic and crappy. So no new sewing stuff for a while.

I have, how ever, been working on cleaning up the first design I ever made. I have it down to 13 colors and I think it is just about ready to be submitted for testing. I love it. I hope some day to have thew quilting chops (and time) to attempt it. I have loved Harley since her debut in the old Batman cartoon. Now, I know her relationship with Joker is toxic and incredibly abusive. It is no way something you should aim for with a relationship. But I do connect with her total devot…