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I'm on Cloud Nine!

Just a quick Monday post. I am so excited to announce two things.

First: My Maggot pattern is up on Fandom in Stitches. It is my first pattern up there and I so incredibly humbled and proud (can that actually happen?). The community of crafters has been so open and helpful, I don't think I could thank them enough. I can't wait to get more up there!
Second: I got around to posting my first Thong this weekend. That makes a total of 4 blocks up for my Dirty Laundry Quilt. I need to work on more "tops" because everything (even my WIPs) are bottoms.
Happy Monday everyone!

Full Speed Ahead!

I have some exciting news for all you crazy quilters reading. As of like 5 minutes ago, there are two new patterns up on my site. There is Black Widow Spider for my Tim Burton quilt and a pair of Panties for my Dirty Laundry quilt. I can't promise that I can keep this speed up indefinitely, but I am trying to publish some of the stuff that has been waiting in the wings for a while now. Maggot is on the docket to get published on Fandom in Stitches, though he has already been tested and is up on my website right now (if you want him). Black Widow is being tested. As soon as that is done, and any tweaking completed, she will be submitted to Fandom as well. I think she is pretty good as is, that is why I put her up now.

As for future stuff, I have a few more undies to finish up. I am also working on a Butterfly for the Tim Burton quilt, but I just went back to it today... and I am not happy with it. I may end up doing a complete redo and start over. I just think I can do better.

I a…

Grand Opening!!!

I haven't had much time to work on designs lately, mostly because I have been working on trying to put together a cohesive website to pair with my blog. I tried to use blogger to create some pages where you could go to find and download my patterns, but blogger really sucks for that. I decided to go with Weebly. I have used Weebly in the past (like 7 years ago) to create a website and I found it pretty easy to use. I am happy to say that now, it is even easier to use. And did I mention it is within my budget, meaning it is free! There are bells and whistles you can get if you pay for premium, but I am fine with free for the moment.

I have thought of migrating this blog over to Weebly, because they have a blog feature, but Blogger is notoriously hard to move to other venues. For now, I am just going to try to make the two sites look enough like each other that it isn't too jarring to go from one to the other. If anyone has any suggestions... I am all ears. In the future, if I e…

Patterning Update

Hi Everybody! Hope this week has treated you well. I am very close to finalizing the pattern for Maggot. I *hope* to post him here this weekend and get him submitted to Fandom in Stitches shortly after that. The tweaks I did to the pattern really didn't change much, but I think the revised construction order will make putting him together much easier. I haven't had much time to work on my other projects this week, which is a bit of a bummer. Sorry.

I hope by the time I get home, my new old machine (White Rotary Series 77) will be up and running. My husband was supposed to fix the table while I was at work today so that I can start using it this weekend. I hope. We shall see. Some of the holes that hold the screws for a bracket that supports the weight of the machine while it is in use are stripped (it came to use that way) and needs to be repaired. It is a small fix, but it needs to be done before I can start learning how to use it.

On a different note, I have decided to put m…

Squeee! Best Update EVER (to date)

I have some crazy awesome news! A friend over at Fandom tested out my Maggot block. It needs some more work before it get put up for submission to the website, but she sent me a picture (plus a bunch of suggestions, which I will get on this weekend). Doesn't it look great! I can't wait to make it more user friendly and fix some of the short comings! It is so amazing to see your hard work come to life! And with each one I learn something new. Thank you so much Kimberlee!

As for something new.... I have put the Crotch-less undies up. Have at them! Instructions and Pattern.

See! I can be productive with out a proper functioning sewing machine!


Okay, I finally put the first pattern up! It is the Boxers pattern on the pattern page or the direct links to the instructions and pattern.. Please feel free to download it and have fun! I hope to find the time to get the rest up some time this week. It takes me more time to create the PDFs because I have to be on my home computer to convert things, and with two small children and working full time, it is really hard to find time to hole myself up in our computer room to do so. I hope if you find the time to create this block, you will share your block when you are done!