First Load of Laundry

I haven't posted in a while, but that doesn't mean I am not working! I wanted to give a quick preview of what I am coming up with for my "Dirty Laundry" quilt. First off, it will have it's own page, so the patterns will be easy to find. I want to give them all their own blog post (once they are tested etc), but that is in the future. I am really close to opening up the first six pattern for testing. I am super excited! I have been learning a lot about construction and how to try and make the patterns easier for people to put together. Unfortunately, right now, I cannot physically quilt them (life is happening and I have 0 free time outside of what I can sneak at work). Nothing all that naughty yet, but I am not done yet! Please let me know what you think! Is there any article of clothing that should be hanging out with my dirty laundry?

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