And Here We Go...

I am starting this blog to keep track and encourage myself to finish a quilting project from the start to completion. That means I am going to design, build and complete a quilt completely for me and my family. I may ad some other designs etc. as I go, but the main goal is to create a "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Corpse Bride" themed quilt. Both of these movies hold special significance to my husband and I, as well as our family. I just started learning how to pattern for paper piecing using Quilt Assistant. I have only ever made 2 extremely basic quilts and I have never tried paper piecing. There will be a stiff learning curve, I am sure.

I have been introduced to the website Fandom in Stitches. I hope to have these patterns tested and posted there some day. If anything, I need some smaller goals to keep me focused.

In addition to being a fledgling quilter, I enjoy knitting, crocheting, loom knitting, afghan crochet and gaming. I am a scientist by profession and a mommy to two little children at home. (And I have two memory scrap quilts to make for them... another goal and another project I will try and share here as well).

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