Maggot is coming along

Next up on the Corpse Bride docket is Maggot. Since he is pretty vibrant when compared to the other character designs in the movie, he was actually pretty easy to do. I was going to follow his segmentation with my seaming, but I eventually decided against it. Maybe I will do some stitching to mimic the segments when I do this block to augment the look. I haven't done much sewing because (as stated before) my machine is acting up, so I am wary to touch it for fear it may explode.

I have been picking up Burton-eque fat quarters when I see them. I was surprised how many my local Meijer had, given they aren't exactly known for crafting supplies. Wish I had more to show you but my other big piece isn't quite ready to show off yet. Soon, I hope. I had to put a gif in here. I just love gifs... I don't get much of a chance to use them in my other blog.

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