More Designs on Many Different Projects

I have yet to take my machine into the shop, but that means I have had more time to design. I thought I would show some off here. These are all still WIPs, but fun none the less.

I started to design the butterfly from Corpse Bride. It is actually a lot harder than I expect. It is hard to find a decent screen capture or merchandise reference image. Those that I did find seemed to differ from each other. The butterfly from the movie is actually really minutely detailed. I could not get all of that detail in with the quilt block, but I think I got the gist of it. I plan on adding the antennae with embroidery, and maybe some lavender/purple stitching around the white ovals.

I talked to my local tattoo artist and he agreed to sketch up some old school traditional tattoos for... get this... FREE! OMG! He is such a nice guy to do that. He basically said if it was for a tattoo or airbrushing (which he does) he would charge, but he likes to help other artists out. How freaking awesome. I will credit him etc when I get those up. In the mean time, I wanted to also create some patterns based on tarot card (the Rider-Waite deck, which are in the public domain). These will be 12 inches by 24 inches, and I have yet to include the embroidery either. I hope to do all the major arcana and the aces from each minor. That should keep me busy, no? I find my biggest issue currently is keeping the color count manageable. My alien piece is down to 20. I am not sure I can make it any less than that and keep it readable and have some dimensional to it.

Tell me what you think! Oh, and someone expressed interest in testing out my Maggot and Black Widow Spider patterns! Woot!

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