Feeling Free!

I have some good news! As with a lot of things in my life, my sewing machine drama ended like this: I trucked my machine in my car to work to take it into the shop after since we live 45 minutes out of "town". I get to the shop, lug it inside (the thing weighs probably about 20 lbs? I dunno, it is all metal), plug it in and... and... it purrs like a mother f$%^ing kitten. I turn to the employee and I was just dumb founded. It was literally screeching with this -metal-on-metal- sound that had me soooo worried I was destroying the insides. Our best guess is that, when I oiled it while trying to fix it myself, the oil had to take some time to work itself down into all the parts.

So I just look like an idiot in front of the employees. Oh well.

A second good thing is that I ended up giving the sew machine place some business of a different kind. I found on Craigs List an old (I am guessing 1940's or 50's????) White Rotary sewing machine 77 series and ended up buying it. The motor works and it has, from what I can tell, all the attachments. We took it in to get cleaned and unclogged and what ever else their mechanical magician is going to do to make it prefect again. Best of all, it has a fold out cabinet for working on bigger (quilting) things. It also has a knee pedal, so that will take some getting used to. Plus, I found some youtube video of someone using it to sew through 4 pieces of leather. That means it is a work horse! Guess who's husband wants to do leather working?

On another note completely, I think I am going to work up some super simple block patterns to put up on this blog for people to share and enjoy. I decided on a theme... Dirty Laundry. I am currently looking for people to test them as I create them. If anyone is interested, just say so in the comments and leave your email address! Here is what I have so far... just to wet your whistle!

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