Not a Big Update... but an Update None the Less

I'm not sure how much I am going to be able to update in the near future. I am mere minutes away from taking my ailing sewing machine into the shop. I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with it. The thing is old, mostly metal and a work horse (when it is working). I don't really want a new one, because the ones I can afford -and by afford I mean save for a year or more... because I don't have money for a new sewing machine- is going to be plastic and crappy. So no new sewing stuff for a while.

I have, how ever, been working on cleaning up the first design I ever made. I have it down to 13 colors and I think it is just about ready to be submitted for testing. I love it. I hope some day to have thew quilting chops (and time) to attempt it. I have loved Harley since her debut in the old Batman cartoon. Now, I know her relationship with Joker is toxic and incredibly abusive. It is no way something you should aim for with a relationship. But I do connect with her total devotion to a person. I feel that way towards my husband and family. Unfortunately for her, Joker is not at all worth of any kind of devotion. At least she has moved on (in the comics). Anyway, here it is. It is a large piece (~30x41.5 inches) and close to 700 pieces.

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