Baby Steps...

After weeks of planning and cutting up freaking cute baby clothes, plus hyping to my 3 year old that she might be able to help me start her quilt this weekend... we ran into a huge problem. Let's start at the beginning.

Well, a little over a year ago we moved. I put all of my crafting stuff (which is a lot... I do a lot of stuff...) in our second floor 'suite' (just one big open room with a bathroom on one end). It is basically just packed to the brim with totes, boxes and assorted junk, I mean supplies. My husband and I searched that floor, and then house, for 4 days with no success. I was quite heartbroken. My dad refurbished my mom's old Kenmore sewing machine (she maybe used it once or twice) for me when I was in high school. See, back in the day I had spent nearly a whole summer vacation not only teaching myself how to basic embroidery and sewing stuff, but I hand created a pair of quilted patch work pants from a pair of worn out jeans. I basically took out everything from the knees down and hand stitched together random crap I picked up cheap/had laying around just for the fun of it. After watching me do that for hours on end, my dad figured I would get more use of the old sewing machine. He was right. This thing is a basic, yet solid (nearly all metal) beast that runs even when you don't oil it for a few years... not that I have done that... on several occasions. Nope. Not me...

Anyway, after hyping this up to said child for days, now I can't find my damn machine. I can't imagine we left it at our old place, but it was as if it grew legs an walked away. All the nights cutting up clothes, saving pennies so I could buy a new mini iron (we are on a very tight budget... so yes, saving up for a on sale 20 buck mini iron takes time)... all to be waylaid at the last minute. So frustrating. My daughter took it better than I did, though. I finally gave up and started doing research on new ones that might fit the bill and how much money I was going to be set back, when I get the idea to look one last time. Just to see.
Low and behold, in our BATHROOM that we NEVER use, there it was... hiding in a box with the peddle. I had used it as a weight to flatten out that plastic stuff you put on windows when you want some privacy, then forgot about it! I was dancing around the house, I was so happy!

All of that led up to my daughter getting bored and watching TV as I tried to get the right needle, thread, and tension for lightweight knit fabric (I still think I need a different needle, but the one I have will work for now). I did make two squares, though! 2 down... 98 to go!!

PS. Oh, and because the universe hates me, the scroll button on my house some how broke spectacularly while I was writing this. Screw this... I am going to go kill stuff in Fallout 4. At least Hancock appreciates me.

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