Happy Mother's Day!

Yeah, I am a day off, but that's okay. I had a pretty good Mother's Day. That also meant that I haven't really gotten much time to quilt. In fact, I used Mother's Day to get two things done. My sewing machine is old and needed (I thought) some oiling to keep it from doing this horrible squeaking thing it has been want to do lately. It screeches so loudly that it has startled me and I jump while sewing. Not such a great thing to have happen. I got it serviced about 2 years ago because the wheel on the side (I know, I am so technical) had seized up. I got it back and it now worked, but it was really tough moving the needle up and down with the wheel, when before it was very smooth. I don't know what is wrong, but oiling it did not make this screeching go away and I don't want it to seize up again. Worst part is I cannot sew at night because of this noise. Well, that, and I am worried it will destroy my machine.

The other thing I did yesterday was... sew. I know, I didn't want to tax my machine but I also wanted to get something done, so I whipped up 4 pillow things that go onto car seats (I have two kids and two cars, so do the math) that should -in theory- help them not get neck kinks when they fall asleep in the car. It was a really really simple and I improvised the design. My oldest daughter picked pout the fabric and she 'helped' me sew it. Really, she sat on my lap and pulled the pins out while I helped her feed the fabric though the machine. Not bad for a three year old. And a nice way to end a Mother's Day, even if it was a bit stereotypical.

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