Full Speed Ahead!

I have some exciting news for all you crazy quilters reading. As of like 5 minutes ago, there are two new patterns up on my site. There is Black Widow Spider for my Tim Burton quilt and a pair of Panties for my Dirty Laundry quilt. I can't promise that I can keep this speed up indefinitely, but I am trying to publish some of the stuff that has been waiting in the wings for a while now. Maggot is on the docket to get published on Fandom in Stitches, though he has already been tested and is up on my website right now (if you want him). Black Widow is being tested. As soon as that is done, and any tweaking completed, she will be submitted to Fandom as well. I think she is pretty good as is, that is why I put her up now.


As for future stuff, I have a few more undies to finish up. I am also working on a Butterfly for the Tim Burton quilt, but I just went back to it today... and I am not happy with it. I may end up doing a complete redo and start over. I just think I can do better.

I am currently doing a research study and I hope to be able to add some of that money to the pot to get EQ7, but it is a long study requiring me to fill out a survey every day... I hope I complete it because it would mean possibly up to $40 towards the software... if we don't end up using it for bills in the mean time. Wish me luck!

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