Grand Opening!!!

I haven't had much time to work on designs lately, mostly because I have been working on trying to put together a cohesive website to pair with my blog. I tried to use blogger to create some pages where you could go to find and download my patterns, but blogger really sucks for that. I decided to go with Weebly. I have used Weebly in the past (like 7 years ago) to create a website and I found it pretty easy to use. I am happy to say that now, it is even easier to use. And did I mention it is within my budget, meaning it is free! There are bells and whistles you can get if you pay for premium, but I am fine with free for the moment.

I have thought of migrating this blog over to Weebly, because they have a blog feature, but Blogger is notoriously hard to move to other venues. For now, I am just going to try to make the two sites look enough like each other that it isn't too jarring to go from one to the other. If anyone has any suggestions... I am all ears. In the future, if I ever get to buy Electric Quilt 7 (you can help me out if you like here), I will have to figure out how to make a store and create a business for them.... but that is a while down the road I feel. I hope to get some more undies up this week/weekend.

I also made a Facebook Page for The Strange are Quilting. Pop over and say hi (and like!)! I hope I can take a rest from self promotion for a while now.

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