Patterning Update

Hi Everybody! Hope this week has treated you well. I am very close to finalizing the pattern for Maggot. I *hope* to post him here this weekend and get him submitted to Fandom in Stitches shortly after that. The tweaks I did to the pattern really didn't change much, but I think the revised construction order will make putting him together much easier. I haven't had much time to work on my other projects this week, which is a bit of a bummer. Sorry.

Not my sewing machine... but same model
I hope by the time I get home, my new old machine (White Rotary Series 77) will be up and running. My husband was supposed to fix the table while I was at work today so that I can start using it this weekend. I hope. We shall see. Some of the holes that hold the screws for a bracket that supports the weight of the machine while it is in use are stripped (it came to use that way) and needs to be repaired. It is a small fix, but it needs to be done before I can start learning how to use it.

On a different note, I have decided to put myself out there in a way I never have before. I decide to create a small GoFundMe page (you can see the link over on the side bar too) to try and raise some, if not all, of the funds to upgrade me from freeware (Quilting Assistant) to professional grade software for pattern making (Electric Quilt 7). This would allow me to create and sell original patterns and maybe support my habit addiction hobby. It would take me probably a couple of years to save up enough to buy it on my own. In the very least, I figured, no one will even notice it. I have two "incentives". Anyone who donates will get a shout out on this blog. If you decide to donate $40 or more, I will create for you your own custom 12 inch block from an image of your choosing.

To my surprise and utter shock, as of writing this blog post, TWO anonymous people have donated to the cause, bringing me up to $35 out of the $150 I need. I cannot rightly express my gratitude and thanks to these two generous individuals! Thank you!!!!

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