Hiatus with Update

I haven't posted in a while and there are a few reasons for that.

I have been using my new-old machine (White Rotary Series 77) to upcycle some thrift store finds into curtain, which my house sorely needs. These pictures are horrible, I know that. The lighting is off. These are made from bed sheets (both flat and fitted), table clothes and shower curtains. I didn't pick any of them out, my husband went on a run and this is what he brought home. On the plus side, I am kinda learning how to use my narrow hemming foot for my machine. They are not good, but serviceable. The seams are uneven and wonky. If anyone has any hits on how to make it work, I am all ears.

ex-table cloth

ex-shower curtain

ex-fitted sheet

I have also been working on a pattern that I plan on using all to myself... for myself? I may publish it later, but I want to keep it to learn how to do paper piecing on. It is simple, but has enough geeky-ness to it to make me happy. It kept me up for hours last night because I couldn't stop thinking about it. I also retaught myself some geometry stuff this morning to get it right (SOH CAH TOA stuff) I am currently trying to decide which color combination I like the best... but here is my Harley Quinn themed quilt:

I still need to take my new-old machine in, but I haven't had the funds or time. I am also try to get together a toddler's birthday party for this weekend, which is taking up half of my brain. If I get the time, I will try to put up another Dirty Laundry block. I am also on Textillia, so if you want to look me up there, you can. I think I have been getting some hits from there, which is nice.

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