A Small Biggie

I have been giving my sewing machine a rest, so I don't have anything new and hot off the presses to show you in the real world. I am too worried that I could cause something seriously bad to happen to my machine and I am too broke to fix it. A local sewing machine shop has free estimates, so I plan on taking it in soon to have them look at it. I can only hope it isnt too bad or too expensive. Not having a functioning machine can really put a huge kink in the plans for a quilting blog.

Instead of actually sewing or learning how to quilt, I have been trying to refine and work on some of my designs. My Maggot and Black Widow Spider have been submitted for pattern testing at Fandom in Stitches. My Silence of the Lambs Death's Head Moth has been submitted and is currently being tested. I have no idea how long that kind of thing takes, but I am really looking forward to getting some feedback on my pattern and then I hope it can go up on the website for everyone to enjoy. If/when this happens, I will make sure to share the link.

I have plans on stopping by a local tattoo shop after work today to talk to the artist about, maybe, in the future creating some flash that I can use to turn into quilt pattern. I have no idea how much that would cost, but I don't want to just google some flash and rip off another artist. Especially if I want to maybe sell the patterns or quilts made from them some day. After ruminating about traditional tattoo art for a while, I got to thinking... would anyone be interested in a tarot themed quilting patterns? I may have to upgrade my quilting program from Quilt Assistant to Electric Quilt. I wish I had the money to do it. Maybe I should start a Gofundme or Patreon page. I don't see a lot of edgy or darker themed quilting patterns out there. Could it be a niche I could help expand? All I can do at the moment is dream, because I don't have any funds to even pay for the flash art work I am dreaming about right now.

But... what have I actually done? Well, I have been teasing something for quite a while, so here it is:

I am quite proud of it, and I think it has come out pretty well so far. I have gotten the number of colors down to 37. I am toying with reducing it more, but I don't want to lose definition. It is a pretty big pattern at 24in x 31in. Man, I just love designing these. Who knows, some day I might actually make them... or someone else. Either way, it would be really awesome.

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